1 min readWhat an atheist says about God and the scientific method

Scientists must only try to answer questions which are within the bounds of science, not questions of origin or metaphysics.

This 2001 interview with Sue Strandberg brings to fore a number of dogmas that beset the scientific community. It talks about how materialist scientists are attempting to explain a world without “miracles” that may be attributed to a Divine Being, while at the same time failing to utilize the scientific method appropriately.

Implications for AI

Despite the benefits of the scientific method, science cannot be held as the absolute truth on all subjects it commpents upon. The issue here is not just whether God exists or not, it is that scientists have created “bad science” because they refuse to go beyond the borders they have made for themselves.

This bad science is affecting the entire human race, and it is leading many of our youth towards a downward spiral, preventing them from seeing who they truly are, and what they can become [read The World Is Grieving: What It Means For Future Generations to understand depression in these modern times].

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