1 min readNeuroscience discovery has a big impact on what we know about biology

New research contradicts current theory of heredity. Will science update itself?

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered an RNA-based mechanism that translates how knowledge acquired during a lifetime could be passed on to future generations [read about Neuroscience, Epigenetics, And The New Social Biology to better understand how this can happen].

While the current research was focused only on worms, scientists say that this result is groundbreaking as it directly contradicts the Weismann Barrier which states that hereditary information moves only in one direction – from germline cells (egg and sperm) to somatic cells.

Implications for AI

What other concepts in biology are already obsolete? Why are ideas like the Weismann Barrier continue to be taught when they have already been proven to be false? Will the results of this study be applicable to mammals, and humans?

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