1 min readArtificial intelligence: Its power and limits

Artificial Intelligence has its powers and limits. Knowing these will allow us to use the technology appropriately.

Gregory Barber believes that artificial general intelligence (AGI) is still beyond our grasp, but the democratization and the lack of regulation for narrow AI technologies are already making an impact. Our biggest challenge, according to Barber is taking control of the situation, and preventing the technologies from reshaping our societies.

We agree with some of Barber’s insights, but we must not disregard the fact that AGI research is currently underway. The institutions involved in this development have been successful at keeping under the radar, dodging public scrutiny and criticism. We simply have no way to gauge how far they have come, and so we must take the precautionary principle, if we are to prevent it from taking the same path as narrow AI is taking now.

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