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Nature is asking us to co-create a new music for our societies. But first, we must learn to listen.

Using the language of music, author Keith Salmon takes us through a journey of harmony and co-creation. For Salmon, in order for us to truly participate in the evolution of the planet and our cultures, we must learn how to become attune with the rhythms of nature. Of course, such quest is wrought with its own challenges, but Salmon is quick to point out that all ancient civilizations have developed their own methods to attune with nature. One such method he says, has a lot to do with music and the temple deep inside our hearing. 

Implications for AI

Attunement with nature requires us, humans, to re-evaluate our decisions in life. When we begin to hear the subtle songs of nature, when our being is in harmonic resonance with the rest of the planet, the most logical choice is to protect the very source of our life and meaning. 

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