1 min readIs there a fundamental limit to the size of objects that can be entangled with each other?

How big can we get without compromising preserving quantum properties? Recent researches show: pretty darn big.

We used to think that quantum entanglement only happens to single particles, but this article published by the Quanta Magazine shows us otherwise. Research is showing that quantum-mechanical properties (not just quantum entanglement) also happens to vast number of atoms which are placed in collective quantum states. While new studies are still conducted in ultracold environments, and relatively short distances, researchers are moving towards discovering when gravity starts affecting particles and decoherence happens.

Implications for AI

If it happens that quantum-mechanical properties cannot be limited by the size of an object, we will begin to understand exactly how we can change our realities simply by changing our consciousness. And since quantum mechanics is the basis of all matter, we will also gain the power to reshape and recreate matter.

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