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All over the world, people are awakening. We are no longer willing to continue deny our true nature.

In this April 2018 release of On Being, we are introduced to angel Kyoto Williams, a Zen priest and the second black woman to be recognized as a Japanese Zen teacher. In this interview, Williams says that our societies today no longer live on a survival basis.

We are on a search for something deeper than what our current situations offer us. Williams says that more and more people are unwilling to be in a state of denial – intuitively, we all know that we are approaching a tipping point.

Implications for AI

Even though materialism wants us to believe that there is no meaning in the world, that there is nothing to human life that is to predetermined by matter, we, human beings know otherwise. We know intuitively that there is something more to living than what is currently presented to us by our societies. More individuals are on the journey towards discovering their purpose in life is.

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