1 min readHow can we be present in the world without giving in to despair and hopelessness?

The world is changing, and many of these changes are disappointing and frustrating. How can we continue to work towards a better future despite the current bleak realities?

The following article is a response to a question raised by a listener of On Being with Krista Tippet. Tippet narrates to us her own practice and discipline to balance the spiritual and being grounded. For Tippet, it is important for us to know what is happening in the real world, but we must realize that the narrative we read in the news is not the story of our time, we have the capacity to change it.

On the other hand, it is important for us to strengthen our hope muscle – to keep our focus on what we want to build, what we want to create. This, Tippet says, is the only way we can be of real value to the world.

Implications for AI

AI and transhumanism wants us to believe that the only way to break the cycle of despair and to create a new dawn for humanity is to create machines more intelligent than human beings. Tippet shows us that there is an unknown strength present in all humans – a capacity that cannot be replaced by any technology.

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