1 min readThe minds of plants

Plants exhibit a form of cognitive function that we, humans, cannot recognize.

In this article by Laura Ruggles for Aeon, she conjectures that plants have cognitive capacities which are very different from what is exhibited by humans and animals. Ruggles says that our inability to detect these unique capacities of plants is due to the way our perceptual, attentional, and cognitive systems work – we tend to pay attention to animals more because they move, and they can pose imminent danger to us, humans.

Implications for AI

This article shows us that there are realities in the world that do not manifest in the way we expect them to be. Memory, intelligence, and other cognitive capacities exist in very different forms. In order for us to be able to perceive them without special tools, we must improve our observational skills, as well as learn to focus our attention in a very different way.

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