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Do you want to change the world? The first step is to experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

In this interview with Vanessa M., Jagdeep Davies, and Brandy Doyle, Stanislav Grof says that the realization and acknowledgement of non-ordinary states of consciousness will shift the whole worldview of the sciences. This shift, Grof asserts, would be enough to avert major global crises. Even without studying ecology, cultural differences, and the economy, Grof says that anyone who experiences psychospiritual change would automatically want to live in a way that would honor life and universal processes. 

Implications for AI

AI was designed to solve all the problems of the world. But as can be seen in the many articles on the Risks Of AI found on this website, AI is nowhere near to resolving anyone of these global issues. In fact, researches have found that AI could actually exacerbate the current problems of the world. 

But the situation is not hopeless, and Stanislav Grof has given us one answer to our social woes. When our worldview changes as a result of a spiritual experience, a close encounter with our true nature, we will see how every single human action has led us to where we are now. Such understanding will both push us towards change, as well as empower us to act towards change. 

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