1 min readScience and spirituality: Observations from modern consciousness research

The debate between science and spirituality has ended, but how are our societies accepting this reality?

In this article for Huffpost, Stanislav Grof, one of the founders of transpersonal psychology weigh in on the connection between science and spirituality. For Grof, authentic science and authentic spirituality cannot contradict each other because they represent two distinct approaches to existence. Spiritual experiences are manifestations of archetypal material present in all cultures, it arises from a collective consciousness. Science, on the other hand, is showing us that these archetypal experiences exist, and would require different ways of knowing in order to become observable.

Implications for AI

Grof left us powerful words at the end of his article: “…there cannot be a conflict between science and religion if both these fields are properly understood and practiced. If there seems to be a conflict, we are likely dealing with “bogus science” and “bogus religion”. 

Are our sciences utilizing the truths found through spiritual experiences, or do they still consider mystical experiences as an abnormality? If not, then it is no wonder than movements like Transhumanism still exist. Does spirituality and science shape our societies equally? If yes, then extremist groups should not exist.

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