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Even our simplest day-to-day activity can help us see an expanded reality.

This article written by Rupert Sheldrake introduces us to his new book, Ways To Go Beyond And Why They Work which surveys seven spiritual practices and explains how these can lead to what he calls as more-than-human consciousness. The point of this book is that we all have the capacity to connect to a greater consciousness, and already, a variety of ways to do this is readily available. 

Implications for AI

Spiritual practices are no longer confined to religions. The rituals and traditions that used to surround spiritual practices are slowly being replaced by seemingly mundane activities – playing sports, fasting, even taking care of animals.

Sheldrake shows us that all around us, a greater consciousness resides. By learning to tap to this greater consciousness at will, we will begin to discover the greater order of things, and perhaps, understand the force that ordered the universe into existence [Sheldrake is known for his theory on morphogenetic fields. To go deeper on this subject, read Morphic Fields, Animals, And Humans].

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