1 min readScientists call for unbiased research on consciousness

These scientists see that modern science is biased. Is it time to revamp the rules of scientific research?

This 2014 journal article is a statement from several dozen scientists calling for the open, informed study of consciousness. According to the statement, the basic tenet which states that “exceptional claims require exceptional evidence” should not be applied to the study of psi phenomena particularly because it has not be applied by the scientific community when it began the study of meteorites, neurogenesis, and other such theories. The author proceeds to describe six reasons why studies on psi phenomena should be taken seriously.

Implications for AI

Science truly is changing and more scientists are departing from the materialist path. This article shows us that atleast 50 scientists subscribe to the idea that modern science is not entirely objective, and that there is room for research on topics previously considered taboo. If the psi phenomena is accepted as a fact, then conceptions of the nature of consciousness will bring science to a whole new frontier.

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