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Physicist Carlo Rovelli says that nothing can be scientifically proven. How will materialist scientists respond to this claim?

In this 2012 Edge conversation with physicist Carlo Rovelli, we are introduced to a new way of doing science, one in which the aim is not to answer the question, but rather to question the question itself. Rovelli says that the goal of science should be to continuously change the conceptual structure that constructs the very theories and interprets the data. 

Implications for AI

Materialist science has failed to fulfill its purpose. Instead of helping us to change the way we think about the world, it actually boxed the world into one paradigm. It has forced researchers to tweak their results to meet the widely accepted point of view [see article How Many Scientists Engage In Questionable Research Practices?]. In the process, scientists have lost the image of a much bigger world that is interconnected at its core. 

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