1 min readResolving the “crisis of perception” through the “systems view of life”

The shift in perspective is necessary to recreate a regenerative society. Adopting a systems view of life allows us to see the interconnections of the earth’s living and non-living systems.

In this article for Medium, author Daniel Christian Wahl attempts to answer the question: How can we create a more sustainable human presence on Earth? 

In addressing the question, Wahl takes Fritjof Capra’s point of view and says that the crisis we are experiencing today is not ecological, environmental, social, or economic, but rather, a crisis of perception. If we change our perception from a reductionist one to a systems view of life, Wahl says that we will be able to find the solution to our problems. 

Implications for AI

The systems view of life is supported by many sciences. Today, biologists acknowledge that evolution is collaborative, and economists now know that sustainability is not a static stage, but rather, a web of connections and relationships. Society is slowly catching up with the latest findings in science, solutions have gone beyond the superficial and fixed, and the creativity of the human being is paving the way for a better future for everyone. 

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