1 min readQuantum Cosmology: When spirituality inspires science

Spirituality gives meaning to science’s discovering. It has always been this way since the beginning of all scientific explorations.

n this 2008 article for Aeon Magazine, Zeeya Merali explores quantum cosmology, the proposition it offers regarding the nature of the universe, as well as its similarities and connections to ancient spiritual traditions.

Implications for AI

This article shows how science and spirituality are intricately connected, and drives home the point that our ancestors may have had an intuitive understanding of the powers that govern nature and the universe, despite having no high tech machines.

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons that can be derived from this article is the fact that there is so much we can learn about ourselves and our purpose, through the old traditions. The science and technology we have available today are discovering truths and dispelling myths in various knowledge systems. By utilizing science properly – as a tool for discovering deep truths about our existence – we are rediscovering what it means to be a human being, and rekindling our connection to the greater cosmos.

Quantum cosmology shows us that there is so much more to our physical existence, and that our own essence is imbued with the power that has created our entire universe. Why then do we need to create artificial beings? What robot can equal our inherent capacities as human beings?

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