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2 min readBrain Training: Is it worth the hype?

Should you try brain training systems? Learn from Caroline Williams’ experience.

Science journalist Caroline Williams spent one year training her brain in order to test the effectiveness of various technologies and methodologies being sold in the market. Her goal: improve various areas in her life such as navigation, attention, anxiety, and creativity. Her results? There is no one-size-fits-all technology for improving your brain.

Implications for AI

Many apps available today are designed to help children improve their brains so that they can “compete” in the future world. But Caroline Williams’ experiment shows that many of these apps do not work, not because they are ineffective, but because every person is unique. Williams says that each brain is wired differently.  There are some capacities which can be developed through training, but there are also those which are simply beyond a person’s capabilities. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

At the onset, this article may sound like one evidence why AI would be better than human beings. But there are already numerous articles on this site which shows robots cannot replace humans in tasks which matters most [see There are minds everywhere, except in AI and Scientists are closing in on a theory to explain consciousness in humans]. Hence, for transhumanists seeking to bring human capacities to a higher level, there is a greater possibility that they will choose technologies that will enable them to retain their memories and consciousness.

The first option is to develop technologies to improve brain functioning. But if a one-size-fits-all solution is not available, what is the next step? To become a cyborg? If only they learn to look at the results of the second, more spiritual scientific revolution, then transhumanists will realize that a new world is emerging – a world where the power to transcend our physical limits are being discovered scientifically.

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