2 min readParler goes offline after getting booted out of Amazon Web Services

Both the Parler app and its website are now offline following a series of rejection from the world’s biggest tech companies. Parler’s problems began when Google dropped the app from the Play Store after it was revealed that the app was used to organize the recent events at Capitol Hill. Apple soon followed suit, after releasing a statement citing Parler’s failure to institute measures to control dangerous and questionable content on the platform.

But Parler’s problems continue. Just last January 10, 2021, Parler’s CEO John Matze informed the public that Amazon will no longer host the company’s services, adding, “This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the marketplace.” Matze reveals that other vendors and business associates have also withdrawn support on the same day. Matze says that the company will be offline longer than expected as companies that had enough hosting capacity refuses to work with them.

Editor’s Note: First off, we would like to say that we do not support any politician or political organization. We simply want our readers to see this news as it shows exactly how much power Big Tech companies have over the entire industry. It also drives home the reality that censorship will become the norm. Parler’s experience sends a chilling message: adhere to the mainstream narrative or risk getting your company shut down [To understand why censorship is a real concern, read Censorship has no place in a free society].

Parler offered an alternative to mainstream social media. Now they are suffering for their instant success.

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