1 min readReligious leaders told to brace for more Big Tech censorship

If religious groups focus on controversial topics such as pro-life (topics), marriage, sexuality, Christian anthropology, they run the risk of getting censored by Big Tech companies. This is the message of Joshua Holdenreid, vice president and executive director of the California-based Napa Legal Institute, to religious leaders who attended a roundtable discussion on internet censorship.

Holdenreid adds that the gripping censorship in major platforms will impact those organizations that weigh in on the most important cultural issues.

This article from the National Catholic Register, written by Kevin Jones and published last August 31, 2021, goes on to discuss the many issues surrounding internet censorship, particularly the impacts it can make on organizations doing important societal work. It also tackles some recommendations on how organizations can protect their right to expression, as well as the necessary steps they can make to protect themselves in the event of censorship.

Editor’s Note: Though this article was written for religious leaders, the discussion they make affects every one of us who work to transform societies. If religious organizations can experience censorship despite their constitutionally protected right to expression, we can only imagine what these Big Tech platforms can do to individual citizens who voice out their thoughts on online platforms.

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