1 min readNew CRISPR breakthrough can turn genes on and off

In this article written by Eva Frederick, published by Whitehead Institute last April 9, 2021, we learn about new CRISPR technology called CRISPRoff which allows researchers to “control gene expression with high specificity while leaving the sequence of the DNA unchanged”.

Unlike the earlier CRISPR-Cas9 which requires creating tiny breaks in the DNA strand, hence making the genetic changes permanent, CRISPRoff is reversible and predictable.

The technology can be used in several applications, including therapy and research. The project was partially funded by a 2017 grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Editor’s Note: Can you imagine what a technology like this can do? This technology takes genetic engineering to a whole new level, from creating designer babies to gene therapy for the elderly with genetic diseases.

Unfortunately, if this kind of technology is allowed by governments, it could pave the way for genetically modified humans. We already have a natural capacity to change our own genes through years of careful practice [see Creating an extended theory of evolution, Neuroscience, epigenetics, and the new social biology], the technology will again take away this natural capacity and replace it with something artificial.

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