1 min readNeural science cannot save materialist science

Science is showing, neuronal activity does not create consciousness. How then can neural networks save materialist science from obsolescence?

In a previous article [Evidences Supporting An Immaterial Mind], Dr. Michael Egnor explored the various evidences supporting the theory of an immaterial. When that article was published, a commenter tried to provide a materialist explanation of the mind using the neural networks. The attached article below is Dr. Egnor’s response.

Implications for AI

The science shows that the human mind is immaterial. And while materialists continue to explore the human brain in the hopes of understanding how cognition occurs. Scientists are mapping all the neurons of the brain to discover where consciousness, and the human mind resides. But the science is pointing at the opposite [read the article Neuronal Activity Does Not Create Consciousness]. Will scientists finally have the courage to accept that human beings are more than just their physical bodies?

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