1 min readAstronomy and humanity’s cosmic significance

Astrophysics is showing us that humanity has a special purpose in the universe.

This 9-minute video (transcript attached below) produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) featuring astrophysicist Dr. Jennifer Wiseman, astronomer Dr. David Charbonneau, and researcher Dr. Guy Consolmagno gives us a short summary of what we know about the origin of the universe, and the science that involves this discovery. Through this video, we can begin to see the importance of astrophysics in helping humans understand our uniqueness, as well as our role in the universe.

Implications for AI

Materialism has caused us to lose our own sense of wonder, and in a sense, it is also eroding our humanity [see article Bewilderment: The Antidote To Scientific Reductionism to understand this insight better]. But with sciences like astrophysics, we are beginning to discover that the mysteries we find on our earth are as prevalent in other parts of the universe. Through this new science, we are slowly discovering that there is a universe beyond our five senses, and a reality that cannot be explained away by purely physical occurrences.

The discoveries of astrophysics forces us to be humble, because the vastness and complexity of the universe is far beyond what our technology can create. Technologies like AI may be designed to discover the deeper secrets of the universe [see An AI Is Helping Astronomers Explore Deep Space], perhaps in the future, these will allow us to see into other solar systems. But the reality is that the expanding universe will always contain mysteries we cannot solve.

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