1 min readEvidences supporting an immaterial mind

Dr. Michael Egnor talks about neuroscience researches which proves the immaterial human mind.

In this article, Dr. Michael Egnor explains how science is showing us that the mind is immaterial. In order to prove his claim, Dr. Egnor refers to various neuroscience researches, particularly those of Wilder Penfield, Benjamin Libet, Roger Sperry, and Adrian Owen.

Implications for AI

If the human mind is immaterial, how then will mind uploading work [see With Mind Uploading, There Is No Need For Religion to understand the purpose of this technology]? In his article, Egnor asks: “Why do materialists insist, against the evidence, that abstract thought must be material?”

Having background knowledge on materialism and how transhumanists wish to eradicate death and upload their consciousness to sturdier, more durable machines [see article What Is Transhumanism?], we can readily infer the answer to this question.

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