1 min readNear-death experiences and their implications for post-materialist psychology

For Bruce Greyson, the capacity of humans to have near death experiences is proof that the mind exists outside the brain.

Bruce Greyson’s collection of research about near death experiences (NDEs) show at in 81% of cases, experiences reported feeling separate from their bodies during the NDE. In fact, in Greyson’s review of literature, he discovered that experiences actually reported enhanced mental functioning when they were physiologically close to death.   How can this be possible if the mind is produced by the brain? 

Implications for AI

If the mind exists outside the brain, then there is no possibility for materialistic science to discover the basis for human consciousness. At best, machines can only emulate human-consciousness. This is what makes artificial general intelligence dangerous. Human-like consciousness in machines can only be a program, and we might all be tricked into surrendering our capacity for decision making thinking that there is a tool that can make better, more ethical decisions for us. 

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