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In the post-materialist worldview, understanding the nature of consciousness will help us unlock new mysteries about the world. Here’s how we can make this new worldview mainstream.

This article by Stephan Schwartz for Explore looks at materialism as the effect of the Council of Trent (which prohibited one to study about the “spirit”) and traces how it became instituted as a paradigm of science. Through this review of the history of materialism, Schwartz shows researchers in the new sciences how they can create another paradigm shift, hence enabling new understanding of consciousness to become mainstream.

Implications for AI

Through this work, Schwartz shows us that materialism is nothing more than a self-imposed limitation, rather than a product of real science.  If we are to mainstream the post materialist worldview, we have to learn to re-learn, understand, and work with the structure of scientific revolutions as first iterated by Thomas Kuhn.

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