1 min readEssential requirements for a fruitful consciousness research

Recognizing the role of consciousness in nature is also the recognition of the need to do away with the assumptions of materialist science.

In this 2014 journal article written by Asok Mukhopadhyay, he offers scientists in consciousness studies some important principles to observe while conducting their research. Mukhopadhyay says that current methods used in consciousness research does not fully consider the real nature of consciousness. To be able to unlock its secrets, scientists must be ready to let go of materialism and to study consciousness utilizing entirely new methods, and without relying on matter as a basis of explanation.

Implications for AI

The new way of doing science is asking us to wipe the slate clean – for us to let go of previous assumptions about consciousness, and for us to learn how to learn again. It is a scary proposition because it will require us to go in an unpredictable direction. Discovering the role consciousness has in the birth of the universe, the beginning of life, and the evolution of the human being, will require us to accept that there is something to living that is beyond the accumulation of wealth, immortality, and incredible intellectual capacities.

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