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Do you want to be a better human being? This is how you can begin to be one.

We need to transform ourselves in  order for us to change the dying story of the earth [read How Do We Change The Story Of The Earth? and How Can We Create Free Communities?  to explore this  topic]. But where do you begin?

This practice guide published by the Integral Transformative Practice have three parts. First, it will help you identify the transformation you want for yourself. Second, it will help you determine which aspect of yourself (mind, body, heart, soul) you should focus on. Lastly, it will assist you in creating a daily practice, complete with actionable items, which can help you realize your full potential.

Implications for AI

Knowing that you have the responsibility to be a better person to help world evolution is one thing, actively pursuing your own personal development is another. The following practice guide will help you make sense of the massive amount of information on self transformation which can be found online and it will offer you clarity on how you can “shine brightly” in an era of materialism.

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