1 min readHow we shape what we call reality

Using her stories of her daily life, author Alexandra Horowitz shows us that our attention and inattention creates the reality we experience.

This article from Maria Popova of Brain Pickings introduces us to Alexandra Horowitz’s conceptions of reality. In a quote from the book On Looking: Eleven Walks With Expert Eyes, we discover that what we call our “reality” is incomplete because of conditioned concentration and perception bias. Our attention, and inattention creates our experience of reality.

Implications from AI

Our current reality is a product of our attention and inattention. Our capacity to specialize has enabled us to develop new knowledges and technologies, but it has also created a disjointed reality. If we ever hope to heal the brokenness of this world, we must learn to expand our attention, our consciousness, and begin to pay attention to those aspects of life that we have long ignored [A non-material conception of reality is gaining ground among scientists. Learn about it in the articles How The State of Consciousness Can Change Our Material Reality and Space Study Shows That Reality Is What You Make It].

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