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Art, science, and religion are but three ways we, humans, try to understand the universe. Cosmologist and particle physicist Lisa Randall explains the differences of each one.

In this 2015 article, we are introduced to the many ways we, humans, try to understand the sublime, referred to by Lisa Randall, cosmologist and particle physicist, as “our sensemaking pursuits”. Included in this category of very human activities are art, science, and religion. Each one of these have a different way of discovering and interpreting the inner workings of the universe.

Implications for AI

Humans have a natural impulse to reach into the unknown [Our quest to understand the unknown is the same quest for understanding our purpose. Read The Connection Between Science And Religion to know more].

By engaging in art, science, and religion (or perhaps in our context, we should use the term spirituality instead of religion), we can uncover truths about the universe from many different angles. In this point of view, we can see that there is no contradiction between these three.

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