1 min readHow the brain changes and reorganizes itself

Unlike the rest of our physical body, our brain has the capacity to reorganize itself. Old humans can learn new things.

This article by Gary Weber summarizes several researches that prove that the brain is plastic and has the capacity to change at any given time in a person’s life. One of the studies mentioned was conducted by Paul Bach-y-Rita who proved that senses of the visually impaired are heightened to the point that they are able to “see” with other senses.

Implications for AI

The brain’s capacity for self-evolution is an indicator of the many capacities the human being can develop, if only we were only willing to put in the work. This is how we can become relevant in this highly technological time. Our capacity to create remains one of the greatest wonders of the world, and if we accept the fact that like our brains, we can re-organize the world around us by our mere consciousness, we will be able to create societies that support the fully human.

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