1 min readAn antidote to anxiety: Live with presence

How does one achieve happiness? According to philosopher Alan Watts, the best way is to live with presence.

The root of anxiety is the tendency to live for the future – the desire to do the “right” things today in order to prevent tragedies and accidents in the future. Our over reliance on the brain, and over dependence on technology has prevented us from fully inhabiting our present, and in turn, has prevented us from truly experiencing happiness. The attached article is an intersection of many different disciplines – a testament that objective reality is really the intersection of many different points of view.

Implications for AI

Reading the attached article confronts us with an important realization: AI and immortality technology are all designed for living in the future. Both attempts to address future problems, but offers no solution to the current issues. How then can AI and immortality technologies help us achieve happiness, when they take us away from living with presence?

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