1 min readGoogle researchers use AI to design better and faster microchips

In this June 13, 2021 article for ABC News, Charles Choi reports on the findings of a new research published by Google.

According to Google researchers, they now have artificial intelligence (AI) that can design microchips that “perform at least as well as those designed by human experts”. The AI underwent six hours of training before it was able to develop manufacturable chip floor plans.

Editor’s Note: As has been noted by the article, this is the first time that an AI has been able to reach human-level performance in terms of floorplanning.[efn_note]This is the technical term used to describe the process of designing the physical layout of the chip’s parts[/efn_note]

This is significant development especially when we consider that some AI is now being to program other new AI. With both the hardware and software design becoming automated, it is only a matter of time before the exponential growth of AI technologies becomes apparent.

The problem is that all the issues raised about the safety and ethics of AI technologies remain unaddressed. We still have no way of dealing with the algorithmic biases that have manifested in AI in the earlier years. How sure are we that the predicted growth in AI technologies won’t lead to catastrophe?

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