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In this June 14, 2021 article for his website, Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about the intersection between COVID-19, The Great Reset, and the ushering in of a new era of biodigital convergence.

Looking at various reports from mainstream media and the report of Policy Horizons Canada (PHC) entitled “Exploring Biodigital Convergence”, Mercola cautions about the potential of biodigital technologies to redefine what it means to be human.

Mercola says that the long-term agenda of COVID-19 is not simply vaccination, but the digitalization of human information. He says that our own data could be used to create a biosecurity state which has the capacity to cause the extinction of Homo sapiens. He adds, “Synthetic enhancements could lead to ‘genobility’ in which certain people have superior genes or transhuman trains and the benefits that go along with them, while the ‘less superior’ humans, like the unvaccinated, are awarded fewer rights”.

Editor’s Note: We have always known about the plans of the transhumanist movement to create a silicon version of the human body. We also know that this plan does not include everyone in the world [read THE THREE EPOCHS OF HUMAN EVOLUTION, RADICAL LIFE EXTENSION IS NOT MEANT FOR EVERYBODY to read about the selection criteria created by transhumanists]. What we did not know was how they were going to convince the world to consent to their plan.

Mercola is saying that the COVID-19 crisis became a smokescreen for reshaping the world and ending humanity as we know it. If this is not stopped, then whatever future the divine intelligence had for humanity will be aborted. Our civilization will be stuck in the purely physical realm of existence and all that potentials of world evolution would stop. [To learn more about the Great Reset, watch the video at A TECHNOCRAT’S PARADISE: THE NEW NORMAL].

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