1 min readExploring the role of the human heart

Research shows us that it is the heart that regulates the brain. What new capacities will be revealed as we continue to study the heart’s internal nervous system?

Research shows us that the human heart has a mind of its own. The book Science of the Heart (see attached) summarizes decades of researches about the heart-brain and how it maintains and regulates our attention level, motivation, and emotional processing. Through the following book, one can see that the heart has a central role to play in transforming our societies.

Implications for AI

When we talk about the heart, we talk about it as a passive organ, responding only to impulses coming from the brain. But new researches are showing that it is in fact, the other way around. It is the heart that regulates the brain and there is greater benefit in learning to control our heart, than our brain. The researches presented in the book shows us a part of our humanity that has been forgotten. 

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