1 min readChemistry: The human science

There is a need to find the human in the science. Only then will it be serve its deeper purpose.

In this 2011 article for The Scientific American, scientist Ashutosh Jogakelar talks about how chemistry is the science that has a direct connection to human life, and the cultures we all belong in. Unlike physics, Joelakar says, humans have developed a relationship with chemistry, and has guided our personal and collective narratives.

Implications for AI

Through this article, we are given a new way of looking and understanding science. For the first time, technical concepts such as chemistry are explained in relation to human life and relationships. In this process, we are shown that the sciences should always be seen in this context – in connection with humans, who are actually doing the study and are benefitted by its results. Only by contextualizing science in this way can we truly appreciate its depth and purpose.

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