1 min read2019 study outlines the challenges and dangers of AI in health care

This 2019 study offers a deeper discussion on the dangers of using AI for health care.

In a previous article [see The Dangers Of AI In Health Care], Dr. Cosima Gretton said that automation bias could lead to problems in the health care sector. This 2019 study published by The Health Group expands the challenges, saying that the way AI learns at this stage may contradicts with desired clinical outcomes.

In order for the technology to be successful, the researchers say that it is important to understand how the machine parses data to create diagnoses, and there should be set standards and processes in reporting potential bias.

In a way, utilizing AI for health care needs the same amount of care as developing artificial general intelligence. Tech developers must follow certain standards before their products are commercialized, and it is the government’s job to implement these rules to protect the lives of its citizens.

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