1 min readBernardo Kastrup: We are all personalities of a cosmic consciousness

We are all the multiple personalities of a cosmic consciousness. Do we truly exist, or a we living illusory lives?

In a 2018 article for the Journal of Consciousness Studies, philosopher Bernardo Kastrup postulates that every human being is a personality taken on by a cosmic consciousness. Everything in the world today is a physical manifestation of the thoughts and feelings of this consciousness. Our consciousness as humans can only access the outside boundary of this cosmic consciousness, which prevents us from changing the laws of nature, or hearing the thoughts of others.

Implications for AI

Though Kastrup’s idea is different from the One Mind [see The One Mind], and Genpo’s Big Mind [read Everyone Can Access The “Big Mind], it offers the same idea that the human being is more than just a biological machine. Instead, we are part of a much larger whole, and that our existence has a purpose.

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