1 min readEveryone can access the “Big Mind”

All human beings have the capacity to access the non-dual state, but not everyone can complete the process of becoming a human being.

In this interview between Iain McNay and Genpo Roshi, author of the book Big Mind, Big Heart, they talk about the non-dual state, how it can be achieved, and why it is necessary for every human being to make some effort to achieve this state. They also discuss the five stages of the human being which shows that the height of being human is not the achievement of the non-dual state, but rather, the transformation of the everyday self, and utilizing the “Big Heart”.

Implications for AI

Genpo’s ideas shows us the emergence of a new kind of spirituality which empowers every individual to connect with a Big Mind that unites all of creation. His ideas also stresses the importance of the every day self, the need to accept its weaknesses, and the method of transforming it.

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