1 min readAwakening as a destructive process

The journey towards spiritual enlightenment is a beautiful process, but it is one that is rife with pains and struggles. Only those who focus their attention on the prize are able to achieve it.

The search for enlightenment is a painful process. It will destroy who we think we are as individuals, and leave us to pick up only the most important pieces [This theme is echoed in the article How Tanspersonal Psychology Is Changing Psychiatry which shows that psychological issues can also lead individuals to discover a greater meaning in their lives].

Implications for AI

If we look at the world, and use the view point that all the chaos and problems we are experiencing today are but part of a process of rebirth, then we will gain the strength (and hopefully, the patience), to go through this journey without shortcuts. It will also push us to become sensitive to the signs, and to actively seek for the end goal.

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