1 min readA framework for understanding the origin and purpose of the universe

The 2020s is the decade we must complete the final revolution in science which has been underway since the 1600s. Will we be able to conceptually and experientially discover the purpose of the universe?

In this article for the Galileo Commission, mathematician Paul Hague offers to us a framework for answering the most important question that cannot be answered by the current materialistic and mechanistic scientific worldview: how can we, humans understand the origin and purpose of the universe? Hague says that we are at a turning point in evolution, what is called the Accumulation point in chaos theory. He says that the 2020s is a critical decade. We need to complete the final revolution in science in this decade, only then will be able to design a life-enhancing system of governance that will allow us to face the challenge of the sixth mass extinction. 

Implications for AI

The challenge of AI is forcing humanity to integrate all that we know about nature, and the human being, in order for us to create a revolutionary transformation of our societies.  All the “supernatural” capacities promised to us by AI – super health, super intelligence, and immortality are our natural capacities. But we can only realize these capacities, as well as save our earth, when we have fulfilled the evolutionary convergence, the universe’s cosmic purpose, by cognitively and experientially returning to our Divine Origin. 

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