3 min read5G is a threat to all life on earth

5G is 500x more potent than current EM waves. It has the capacity to disrupt the natural rhythms of the Earth and could lead to diseases in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of human beings.

Starting 60 miles up in the air is an atmospheric ceiling where electromagnetic waves are trapped to form what we now call as Schumann Resonance. These low frequency waves are important for understanding what kind of atoms and molecules exist in the Earth’s atmosphere at specific weather conditions. Scientists have discovered that the strength of Schumann Resonances change depending on the season, solar activity, activity in the Earth’s magnetic environment, and other Earth-bound phenomena. In a way, these resonances can be considered as the Earth’s atmospheric heartbeat because all of life is attuned to this frequency.

Schumann Resonances can be as low as 8Hz – about a hundred thousand times lower than the lowest frequency radio waves being used to send signals to our AM/FM radio.

In the article attached below, Dr. Gabriel Cousens talks about how the launching of 5G base stations could disrupt the natural rhythm of the Earth, and how 5G satellites, which are scheduled to be launched two (2) years from now, will create irreversible impacts to the Earth’s ecosystems.

Why It Matters

5G shows us that not all technological innovations were created with the aim of supporting life on earth. Some, like 5G, are developed merely for profit, and without regard for its long term impacts.

The whole Earth and all the life within it are connected by an invisible force [to explore the meaning of this interconnectedness in the universe read Human Life And Its Connection To All Of Life’s Creations]. The Schumann Resonances is the closest observable manifestation of this interconnectedness. It is through the Resonances that all life are attuned to the seasons, the circadian rhythm, and all of the Earth’s patterns. In the advent of wireless internet, scientists are already seeing a disruption in these rhythms, which are being manifested through diseases such as cancer, heart disease, mental disorders, and other neurological disorders. 5G will bring about even greater dangers, most of which will become irreversible as the technology mainstreams.

Consider this: 3G is emitted at 1.8 to 2.5 GHz, 4G at 2.8 Ghz, and 5G frequency ranges from 6GHz to 100GHz. The plan is to release 5G at 60 GHz to enable better handling capacity and much faster connection speeds. Meanwhile, the entire earth has a frequency of around 7.83 to 8 Hz only. Now imagine 20,000 satellites pointing towards the Earth, emitting the same amount of radiation as a 20,000 microwave ovens. Even when governments and businesses do not acknowledge the dangers of this technology, there is enough evidence to support it [Dr. Cousens’ article cites several studies that provide proof of this claim]. Disregarding the results of these studies is a clear disregard and disrespect for the billions of years of evolution that brought life on Earth.

Dr. Cousens speaks about how 5G will not only disrupt the natural rhythms of the Earth, it can also be used as a biological and psychological weapon. Perhaps the most important part of this article is the part where Dr. Cousens explains to us how we, regular citizens, could take action to prevent 5G launch.

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