1 min readConcerned about 5G? Here’s what you can do about it

We have the power to stop the launch of 5G technology. Do we have the courage to utilize it?

We have recently published on this website several articles on this site discussing how 5G could potentially affect life on earth [see 5G Is A Threat To All Life On Earth]. Initiated by the biggest tech corporations in the world on the pretense that it will improve internet connectivity in all parts of the planet, a regular citizen might fall hopeless to fight against this move. But as Dr. Gabriel Cousens discusses in the article below, the launching of 5G is a clear violation of several international agreements that protect the integrity and dignity of life on earth. There is something we can do to prevent 5G launch, if only we strive to learn about it.

Why It Matters

For the longest time, citizens have remained as mere recipients of technology. We have not been involved in design, much less the implementation of technologies that potentially have irreversible effects in the future.

Dr. Cousens outlines in the article below the actual steps we can do to prevent 5G launch. It also shows us that there are other people who are becoming aware of the impact of this technology, and are taking action in order to protect all life. The article gives the power back to us, users of technology, to adopt only those that could help us create the kind of world we want to live in. Will we have the courage to utilize this power?

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