1 min readWhat the digital revolution did to our societies

The internet may have given us a lot of benefits, but it has also taken so much away from us. How can we ensure that AI will not follow the same path?

We once thought that the internet will create a “Digital Nation”. We thought that through the internet, civic engagement would reach unprecedented levels, partisan politics would be destroyed, and facts would be the basis of our government’s decision making. 

The “digital nation” has indeed been born, but it is so far from how it was originally envisioned. According to Joseph Bernstein, the “digital nation” has not set us free, it has instead, ruled us. It alienated people from each other, and the only participation we, the citizens can have in a digital nation is one in which we are abused. 

Through the development of the internet, we can gain an imagination of the future of AI. If as early as now, we are already predicting problems in the creation of artificial general intelligence [see articles], how can we expect AGI to create a different story? What is the decisive change we will enact to create a different narrative? 

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