1 min readThe demise of the ethical Google

Google may once have been the best place to work in, but its success has changed the very culture within the company. In this article, Claire Stapleton shows us that Google has become a traditional business, with shareholder interest as the top priority.

In this article for Elle, former Google Employee Claire Stapleton talks about how Google has changed from the company regarded as the “best place to work” to one that disregarded employee rights and welfare. Stapleton talks about the events following the Google Walkout in 2018 which led to her dismissal from the company. Her story shows us that much of the press releases by the company are no more than stories meant to improve their image, and consequently, the company’s bottomline. 

This article is important because it shows us the real culture inside Google. How can we trust that all our personal to a company like this? How can we believe that the AI work inside Google is meant to improve society when we hear of stories like that of Stapleton? What could be the other false narratives the tech giant has manufactured? 

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