1 min readIt is time to review the legal definition of being human

Biotechnology and new technologies are calling into question what it means to be human. How can we use the new sciences to reclaim our humanity?

With biotechnology in our midst, the legal definition of what it means to be human is being called into question. What is the criteria we can use determine what is human and what is not? In this article by Bartha Maria Knoppers and Henry Greely for the Science journal looks at genetic identity, species identity, neuro identity, and the cells and tissues as the common basis for “humanness”. They also discuss how each of these criteria is currently being questioned by biotechnology, and offers ways to move forward. 

With neuroenhancements and artificial general intelligence almost at our door, discussions like this will become ever more important. It is a testament to the eroding “specialness” of the human being when viewed through a materialist perspective, and a proof of the wide implications of the findings of consciousness studies, neuroscience, and other new sciences. 

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