1 min readWhat science knows about happiness

Humans are hardwired to experience happiness, but with the internet at the artificial seeping into daily life, we must teach our children how to distinguish genuinely nurturing relationships.

Science may have resculpted societies, but it has made no fundamental changes in what makes us, humans, happy. In this article by Adam Piore, we discover that social connection made the greatest difference in wellbeing. Technology may have helped humans reconnect with families and friends, but it wasn’t just interconnectivity that mattered. Wellbeing ratings increased when individuals felt genuine support from their real-life relationships. 

Implications for AI

If there is one thing that AI will never be able to truly achieve, it is real relationships. AI developers may try to emulate the physical human through their robots (already, this is being done with Sophia and other Hanson-made robots), but humanity’s search for true connection will enable us to work past the artificial. But with our children growing in an world where the artificial is becoming the norm, we will need to work extra hard so that they can learn to distinguish and identify what real love, and affection truly feels. 

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