1 min readUnderstanding organic wholeness

What do we mean when we say that the human being is an organic whole?

The human being is a paradox. We are organic wholes, but at the same time, we are an integral, inseparable member of a much bigger whole. We are a plurality that is singular, a unity that is diverse, an actuality which contains it potentialities. In the attached article, Mae-Wan Ho explains, through the language of quantum physics, how human beings can live through these paradoxes, and why reductionist science can never be able to help us understand the true nature of the human being. Through the understanding of organic wholeness, Mae-Wan Ho says, we can create a naturalistic ethic that will direct moral action. 

This article is an excerpt from Mae-Wan Ho’s book entitled The Rainbow and the Worm – The Physics of Organisms.

Implications For AI

Materialism is not the full truth of reality simply because the entire universe is one whole organism. It can only be understood when studied in its entirety. Humans may be able to create a semblance of the universe, but it will never be the same as the real, intelligent one. In the same way, we may be able to study parts of the human being, but always, the sum is greater than its parts. We may be able to create a robot which functions the same way as human beings, but the vitality, and the spirit of the human will be missing.

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