1 min readThe Great Reset and the quest for worldwide surveillance

Is this the end of all that we hold dear?

This article written and published by Dr. Joseph Mercola last February 2, 2021 analyzes the societal implications of The Great Reset. First introduced by World Economic Forum’s Karl Schwab, and now being pushed by Big Tech leaders and top political figures around the world, the Great Reset will “build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems“.

In the article, Dr. Mercola reviews three main components of The Great Reset. He states that proponents of the Reset are exploiting the devastation left by unscientific coronavirus restrictions as a justification for the many systemic changes under the proposal. Dr. Mercola also explores how The Great Reset will lead to massive violations of personal privacy, the normalization of surveillance, and the accumulation of power and wealth in the hands of even fewer individuals.

Editor’s Note: If you follow the COVID anomaly, then you will realize how public health and medicine was weaponized. You will also realize that some of the supporters of The Great Reset are the same personalities as those pushing for vaccines and greater coronavirus restrictions.

The issues arising from The Great Reset agenda runs very deep. Dr. Mercola’s article will provide an important overview of the concerns. It can be a starting point for researching the connection between AI and the false pandemic.

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