1 min readIs Neurotechnology the Only Solution to AI?

Elon Musk says that the only way humans can be relevant in the age of artificial intelligence is through bioenhancement, where tiny electrodes are implanted into the brain in order to improve our brain capacity. This neurotechnology will not only make us smarter, it will also help us make more effective decisions. In its more advanced stage, this technology will enable us to communicate our thoughts directly without conversations or words.

Sounds great, right? On one hand, this proposal is desirable because it provides us a way to counter superintelligent AI. Moreover, the technology also recognizes the inherent capacity of biological intelligence.

On the other hand, one may say that this technology may actually prevent us from achieving our full capacities as human beings. Anyone who has been in a creative moment – that moment when everything makes sense, when we are hyper-aware of solutions to current problems – know that there is so much more we can gain from cultivating our own humanity. The promise of better memory, and better and smarter decision making is possible biologically. Just ask the neuroscientists working at the Brain Initiative and the Human Brain Project.

Neurotechnology, Elon Musk and the goal of human enhancement

Neurotechnology, Elon Musk and the goal of human enhancement

Brain-computer interfaces could change the way people think, soldiers fight and Alzheimer’s is treated. But are we in control of the ethical ramifications?


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