1 min readIs consciousness creating reality?

In this June 7, 2021 article for Big Think, author Paul Ratner summarizes the results of a new paper written by stem cell and regenerative medicine expert, Robert Lanza and quantum gravity and quantum cosmology theorists, Dmitriy Podolskiy and Andrei Barvinsky.

In this paper, the authors assert, “The world is not something that is formed outside of us, simply existing on its own. ‘Observers ultimately define the structure of physical reality itself.’” They then go on to discuss how observers create reality through a process called decoherence.

When asked whether there is a possibility of an artificially intelligent entity could be simulating our world, Lanza says, “A brainless’ observer does not experience time and/or decoherence with any degree of freedom”.

Editor’s Note: We shall wait for the results of the Monte Carlo simulations which could offer definitive proof of Lanza’s theory. We shall inform you once the results of the experiment are available for public review.

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