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The Inquiring Deeply approach offers us a way to discover, acknowledge, and accept our strengths and weaknesses. It leads us towards an understanding of what it means to be fully human.

In this 2017 article by Marjorie Schuman, she discusses the similarities and differences of mindfulness practice and psychotherapy and attempts to create a framework that integrates both therapeutic activity. Schuman focuse on the Inquiring Deeply approach which combines mindful awareness, self-reflection, and deep connection.

Implications for AI

Through the Inquiring Deeply approach taps into the human being’s storyteller mind and hopes to unravel the narrative and the meaning we attach to ourselves and our relationships. It helps us see the meaning behind any problem we might encounter in our daily life. It reframes both our attitude and worldview, hence allowing us to find new meanings through the challenges we experience in our lives.

In doing so, the Inquiring Deeply debunks the need for any other “super power” that might be granted to us by technology. It enables us to feel comfortable in our own skins, it helps us develop our own inner compass which can help us navigate the difficult terrain of any problem we might encounter.

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